For emergency and non-emergency maintenance requests during normal business hours, please contact our maintenance team by telephone at 704-332-7734. All calls will be returned withing 24 hours. For after hours and holiday emergency calls only, please call 877-683-1468. After hours and holiday non-emergency calls will be handled the following business day.

Please refer to the following list in determining what constitutes a maintenance emergency:

  • No heat when temperature is below 50 degrees
  • No air conditioning when temperature is above 90 degrees
  • No water (please be sure the City did not turn the water off)
  • No electricity at all (please be sure breakers have not tripped)
  • Toilet not working in unit that only has one toilet
  • Sewage backup (call immediately)
  • Broken water line (shut off water at cutoff if possible, then call)
  • Anything that will cause damage if left unattended until the next business day

We strive to provide the best possible customer service, and will answer all maintenance requests in order of severity and order received. Thank you.

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