Are you ready to make some serious money? Come join forces with us. Our staff at Brown & Glenn is friendly, experienced, and pays bigger commissions for new clients and leases than anyone else in Charlotte!

For new clients adding doors to our portfolio, we pay 40% of the first month’s rent when we lease the property. Most PMs pay you 25%! (well, they may call it 50%, but that’s of a 50% fee. You’re getting 80% of that!)

So, for example, if you bring us a small account that has 3 properties, each to rent at $1500/mo, upon renting them we will pay you $600 per property, for a total of $1800. Easy! We take care of everything too...especially your client.

Plus, if you bring us clients with occupied properties, we pay you our entire first month’s commission for those properties, or $100, whichever is greater. Boom.

For bringing us a tenant for one of our properties, we pay 20% of our lease fee! Others pay you 10%. Double your money with us!

Bottom line is, we are motivated to create a great relationship with you...and get you paid!